Pretoria, 17 April 2018: As we get older our skin loses its elasticity as a result of decreased
oxygen levels, causing fine lines and wrinkles where there once was an immaculate, flawless
complexion. Add stress and a lack of quality sleep to the mix and you begin to understand where
those dark shadows under your eyes and the inability to focus properly come from.
The good news is that the answer to combatting these things is all around us, and now perfectly
packaged to complement your daily beauty and wellness regime – oxygen! Yes, the secret to a
new you is actually as simple as breathing in and out, with Boost Oxygen's handy portable
supplemental oxygen canisters, available at selected retailers and online with door to door
delivery across South Africa.
The creators of Boost Oxygen have conducted in-depth research into the benefits, possible side
effects and long term effects of supplementing oxygen intake and have found it to be both safe
and beneficial for everyday use and a bonus to any beauty regime.
This research has been backed up by numerous independent medical and scientific studies that
have shown that oxygen is essential for optimal brain activity and can improve mental
performance. They have also proven that it can boost energy levels and relieve stress as well as
alleviating the symptoms of insomnia and even hangovers!
Oxygen also plays a critical role in how well we look. The stress hormones adrenaline and
cortisol increase the internal acidity of the body, lowering oxygen levels in the process. Lower
oxygen levels affect the performance of both collagen and elastin, which help to keep our skin
looking and feeling fresh.
A few inhalations of Boost Oxygen's 95% purified oxygen increases the availability of oxygen to
the skin, boosting cell renewal and restoring the body's oxygen to normal, healthy levels. It
helps to repair and regenerate collagen and elastin and aids in the reduction of anxiety and
stress levels, helping you to look and feel calm and refreshed after just a couple of breaths.
With its dedicated Boost Oxygen Beauty range of products also schedule for launch in South
Africa in the near future, Boost Oxygen is designed to help the body to reclaim oxygen levels
lost as a result of poor nutrition, poor fitness and reduced air quality.
It's no secret that our air has been compromised by pollution and poor air quality has been
linked to premature ageing and reduction in general wellbeing across South Africa, especially in
our cities. Research has found that the level of oxygen in our air today is around 21%, but in our
polluted cities it can drop as low as 12%.
Combined with unhealthy eating habits and a lack of exercise, the world we live in is the most
challenging it has ever been for remaining healthy and looking good. Our skin is literally under
attack from the inside, but using Boost Oxygen to supplement your oxygen intake can help to

counteract these harmful influences, restoring balance to your body with a quick, healthy dose
of pollution-free, oxygen enriched air, improving sleep patterns, promoting relaxation and
mental acuity. It also leaves you looking refreshed and energised, with improved colour and
tone to your skin.
Boost Oxygen's 650ml canisters come in three aromatic fragrances – peppermint, pink
grapefruit and menthol eucalyptus, which all help in the absorption of oxygen. Costing R290 per
canister, they can be bought online or from selected stockists.
Visit for more information and to order online. A full list of retailers is
also available on the website.