Meet Boost Oxygen, 95% Pure Oxygen in a can.

Designed to give you that extra boost when you need it most…before, during and after workouts. Fitness junkies and serious athletes know and understand the benefit of using pure oxygen. When using supplemental oxygen, your body can be pushed to the max and perform at its peak, which is why athletes are now turning to supplemental oxygen.

So why Oxygen? Why is supplemental oxygen ideal for weight lifters? Well, besides helping you stay focused and train harder, it provides many other benefits after your workout. When you train you deprive your body of oxygen causing lactic acid build-up. Supplemental oxygen breaks down the lactic acid build-up in the body ensuring you recover faster from sore, stiff muscles which in turn causes muscle fatigue.More blood is pumped to the exercising muscles to deliver that additional oxygen. Less lactic acid means faster recovery and more endurance, putting you back in gym the next day feeling refreshed and energized

Pure Oxygen

Boost Oxygen – Pure Oxygen

How to Breathe Pure Oxygen While Weight Training




  • Pre-Training – Take 3-5 one second inhalations of pure oxygen before your workout to load your body with oxygen that will give you the energy to start your training
  • While You Train – Boost Oxygen can help you improve performance and increase stamina and endurance. Use Boost Oxygen when your starting to fail your reps and feeling fatigued.
  • Post-Training – Muscles require glycogen from carbohydrates, and when glycogen is burnt without oxygen, it produces lactic acid and causes muscle fatigue. Pro athletes have used supplemental oxygen to help combat lactic acid and help them faster recover from muscle fatigue after strenuous workouts

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