Pretoria, March 2018: In today’s often chaotic and stress-filled society, finding healthy ways to boost energy levels, improve your mental agility, enjoy sports activities and reduce the signs of ageing is far from easy. So it’s good to know that Boost Oxygen – one of the newest and most exciting products to hit the global health and wellness market – is now available at selected branches of The Local Choice Pharmacies across South Africa.


Yes, believe it or not, but one of the easiest ways to get the best out of your day is as simple as breathing in and out! Boost Oxygen’s handy 650ml cans of 95% purified oxygen combined with 5% of ambient air are the perfect way to invigorate you and help you meet the demands of daily life with both energy and enthusiasm.


Scientific research has demonstrated just how essential oxygen is for a healthy brain and body, boosting energy, relieving stress and enhancing both physical and mental performance. Oxygen supplementation can give you a boost as good as any shot of espresso, leaving you feeling naturally refreshed and ready for action. All it takes it three to five inhalations – the recommended dose whenever supplementary Oxygen is needed to improve overall health and wellness.


Recommended dosages differ depending on what Boost Oxygen is being used for. During strenuous activity, workouts or for sport performance, take three-to-five inhalations before an event, three-to-five during a rest period, and three-to-five at the end to speed up recovery and stay in peak condition. For a hangover remedy, start your evening with two-to-three inhalations and follow these up with three-to-five inhalations the morning after.


“Boost Oxygen is still very new to South Africa, but is growing steadily as the ideal natural alternative to chemical stimulants like caffeine,” says Boost Oxygen SA. “South African consumers are getting more health conscious daily, and the awareness of the harm that sugary drinks and high dosages of caffeine can lead to definitely highlights Boost Oxygen as the perfect alternative, which is why we are pleased to now offer Boost Oxygen in selected outlets of The Local Choice Pharmacies nationwide. The Local Choice Pharmacies franchise is a like-minded group of independent South African pharmacies and a partner of Dis-Chem,” adds Boost Oxygen SA.


Boost Oxygen comes in aromatic fragrances of peppermint, pink grapefruit and menthol-eucalyptus which have been introduced to assist with the process of oxygen absorption, leaving you feeling and looking energised, revitalised and ready for anything.


“Not only do we have a retailer in every major provincial area, but we also deliver across South Africa when ordering directly from our website. In the short period of time since Boost Oxygen arrived in South Africa, we have managed to leave a great footprint, especially where sports are concerned, and awareness of Boost Oxygen and the benefits it offers both professional and amateur athletes is growing fast,” says Boost Oxygen SA.


Research has shown that enhancing oxygen levels for sport performance greatly improves recovery times, mental focus and overall physical performance. During periods of high intensity physical activity our bodies work hard to maintain blood oxygen levels. When heavy breathing does not produce enough oxygen, the body will begin to source the oxygen internally through a process known as anaerobic respiration. Cramping and muscle fatigue result when glycogen in Oxygen-starved blood transforms into lactic acid. By introducing more oxygen, the blood is able to inhibit the production of lactic acid and expel any existing already, reducing cramping and improving stamina.


“Athletes are well aware of the impact sport can have on the body and how using Boost Oxygen as a supplement can help them reach peak performance and recover faster. The national buyers for The Local Choice Pharmacies are athletes themselves, and are well aquainted with the benefits that oxygen supplementation can provide during sporting activity, so the choice to stock Boost Oxygen was an easy one for the franchise to make,” says Boost Oxygen SA.